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                   Experience and Experience Levels

Experience (Exp or Xp for short) is some kind of 'reward' of doing
things. You gain experience points from killing monsters, performing
some activities what your guild does (healing other players, curing
poisons and so on). The point is what to do with the experience points
what you gain. Currently they are used for gaining advancement points,
advancing guild levels (See: help guilds for more information) and
learning skills and spells.

You start from level 1, when you create your character. You receive
some experience from completing the tutorial, which can be used right
away to give you a head-start at adventuring.

                    Gaining advancement points

You can gain advancement points in the Adventurer's Guild,
there is at least one Adventurer's Guild in the every city.
Try to look at the plaque in the Guild to see available commands. When
you have enough experience, just simply 'advance' in the Adventurer's
Guild. You can use the advancement points to train your stats or 
to advance in guild.

If you have your stat above the max stat, you can not train it.

The costs needed to train one stat is depending on your race,
type 'list statcosts' to see your costs.

Advancing guild levels costs experience. The advancing cost depends
on the total amount of guilds level you have. (ie. the normal level).
Remember this before taking too many advancement points in adv-guild. 
You will need four (4) advancement points to advance a level or join
a guild after your main guild.