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The Icesus Player Gallery can be found from here:

Icesus Player Gallery

Create an user account with a username that matches your Icesus primary character name. Any account which does not have a player account by the same name in Icesus, will be deleted as a bot account.

How to add photos

"Community" is the album in which every registered user has default privileges to upload to. You can also create a new album if you want, but use this power wisely!

If you already have an existing album ported from old icesus dot org gallery, or you want a new private album for yourself, type the following in icesus:

accounts I want access to/my own private album in Gallery.

Wizards will come back to you via tell/mail when your gallery privileges have been updated. This is a security measure to prevent griefing of other people's albums.

Click on upload photos.
Select an album in which to upload. Choose wisely.
Click on upload photos.
Your photo upload was successful.
Photo upload completed OK.