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Sharing information about Icesus with other players

Generally, most people want to get any information about the game, and they want to get by using the easy way, as in asking directly from other players, either personally or on public channels. It is adviced that you don't advice other players too much. This includes, for example, giving exact directions to areas and places (4s, 5w), or quest information.

Do not use these rules as an excuse to not help someone. If you don't feel like giving general advice, then just shut up. Players disencouraging new players will be punished.

General guidelines

Is OK: "What's the command to get an armour resized?" -> "Just type 'resize leather cuirass' or 'shelp' to get more info"

Is OK: Maintain a web page containing general eq lists (with identify information) and area information.

is NOT OK: Maintain a web page sharing secret quest information.

Is NOT OK: "How can I solve <xxx> quest?" -> "Go 2 n, 2 e and say foobar"

Everyone replying "help sharing information" to questions that can be answered without breaking the rules WILL be zapped.

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