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Markets are a provinces related game feature that allows players to act as producers and suppliers of various market goods and sell them to provinces which need these goods to keep their wheels spinning.

This is an opportunity for new players to make money by hunting and selling their catch wisely and form relations with provinces.

To merchants (=players without a province) wishing to sell food to a province

The command to see market status is "markets <market type>".

Note: Currently only food market exists, so see "markets food" to see its current status.

Food markets.

In the picture above, you see province of Midnight currently interested in buying various types of food. It will pay 100 silver per kilo of most foods. However, it is not interested in buying bear (N/B), and for canine meat it will pay only 10 silver per kilo.

So use markets command to see where you can get the best price from each foodstuff.

Finding meat to sell

Each type of living creature belongs to one of the above mentioned species class. So by e.g. hunting in outworld you will be able to encounter various creatures the meat of which can be sold to provinces. Then just skin the corpse to get the meat.

Note that some particular types of game are registered to a province (like Wagyu beef in RL), and selling it outside of that province will be considered poaching. To see if your meat is local, just look at the carved meat. If it is 'local' it has a notice of it. If not, you can sell it anywhere.

Where to sell it

Go to the said province (all of them are visible in our Atlas map of Icesus valley), enter it, and you will see a food/meat shop. Go inside the shop, and look at the plaque for more instructions.

Province owners

Each province may select whether they are going to buy foods from players or not. This is done via provincial commands - province owners, go see market related commands in your province's stone keep. In order for a province to be able to buy foods, it has to have allocated some silver to its provincial fund. Use command "credit" in your province keep to do this.

The better price you can offer, the more business you can expect.

If you find some customers offending, you can also place bans on those customers, being unable to sell their goods to your province.

Note also that once your provincial funds run out, the province will not buy any more foodstuffs.


Once the meat is sold to a province, it is procured by the province. This process converts the meat into provincial food units. Here it is important to notice that you get better steaks out of beef than lizards. So depending on the species of the meat, you will be able to procure less or more.

Sometimes, people might just drop a bag of starving newts to get silver. Don't expect to be able to procure much from this kind of a catch.

Effects of food

Each guild and mine in your province has personnel, who will produce you supplies, iron, wood or crystals in exchange for food which they eat. From now on, you will get no food by ruling. Your province will get food only via its food market activity.

Also, from now on, you need food units to be able to get supplies from your guilds and mining products from your mines. So it is essential that you feed your people to keep your province productive.