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Administrative Guidelines


The system of administration in Icesus can be described as an intricate
dualism of both hierarchical and collegial dimensions. The Icesus project
leader (The Wizard) assigns a multitude of tasks and responsibilities to
the other members of the administration, and it forms the hierarchical 
dimension in regard to these tasks and responsibilities. However, the 
administrative system is biased in favor of collegial predominance. 
Outside these specifically delegated tasks and responsibilities the 
administrators form a democratic colleague where the interchange of 
ideas and opinions ought to occur without prejudice to the hierarchical
dimensions. However, as the development of the code and the regulatory 
framework is pursued by individuals in respect to the hierarchical 
ladder, it is of importance that there is a uniform set of regulations 
applicable to all administrators. A mutual understanding of the core 
ideologies which form the very essence of the role of the administration 
contrives the basis for preminent and sustainable development, both 
social and technological. 

It is for these reasons the following guidelines are to be adhered to by all 
members of the Administration.


I)   Confidentiality: All confidential information gained from players (such 
          as tells and snoop-output) is to be kept classified. If there is 
          any uncertainty of the confidentialty of given information, it is to
          be treated as confidential. Such information may be distributed to 
          the administration only and on a need-to-know -basis. Only in 
          extremely exceptional circumstances is it to be given out to mortals.

II)  Impartiality: Relationships, acquaintances and other dealings with 
          mortals may not affect any decisions taken by the administration. 
          To achieve thorough credence, the administration is to refrain from 
          accepting any kinds of benefits from mortals even if no reciprocal 
          in-game rewards are agreed upon. 

III) Uniformity: Similar matters are to be decided alike. All decisions taken 
          are to reflect and strenghten the common practice in coincident 
          cases unless the administration discusses and agrees a shift in 

IV)  Propriety: Personal opinions are not to be expressed irrelevantly or 
          indiscreetly. Assisting, counseling and advising mortals should be 
          exercised with utmost pertinence.

V)   Diligency: All development and in particular decisions concerning mortals
          are to be contemplated with due diligence. 

VI)  Collegiality: The Administration works as a team and hence everyone is 
          encouraged to uphold good relations with all members of the 
          Administration. Personal dislikings are not to influence discourse 
          in public media, such as channels or news. Conflicts arisen inside 
          the Administration are to be solved within the Administration and the 
          existence or information of such conflicts are to be expressed to 
          the Administration only.

If a member of the administration is in breach of the aforementioned
guidelines, mortals and immortals are encouraged to report the occurrence by
contacting The Wizard.

                              ++ The Administration on the 24th of May 2003 ++