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Administrative Procedure of Icesus

I) General Rules

Ia) Applicability

The Administration in Icesus shall be governed by this Administrative
Procedure. This Procedure shall have no binding effect on the
Executive Board of J
Ib) Management and Accountability

The Administration of Icesus applies management by results. Icesus
is directed by the Managing Director. Team Leaders assist the
Managing Director in the management of Icesus.

The Executive Board of Jfor a definite duration.

The objectives for the management are set by the Executive Board
of Jthe Managing Director and the Team Leaders. Team Leaders
are responsible for fulfilling objectives set for their Team.
Team Leaders report their progress to the Managing Director.

Members of Teams are responsible for fulfilling objectives set
by their Team Leader.

II) Administration

IIa) Administrational Teams

The Administration of Icesus consists of the following Teams, which
are accountable to the Managing Director:

a. Game World 
b. Quality Assurance 
c. MudLib 
d. General Affairs 

The Managing Director decides on allocating members into Teams.

Team Leaders of the aforementioned Teams and the Managing Director 
form the Executive Team.

The Managing Director may also decide on establishing projects
independent of the aforementioned Teams. The functioning of independent
projects shall be governed by the Managing Director alone.

IIb) Advisory Council

In addition to the Managing Director and Administrational Teams,

the Administration of Icesus includes an Advisory Council.

In-active members of the Administration shall be allocated
to the Advisory Council. 

The Advisory Council shall advice the Executive Team on general
guidelines for consistent and continuous development.

The Advisory Council shall not have other responsibilities excluding
section IV of this Procedure.

The Managing Director decides on allocating members of the Administration
to the Advisory Council.

IIc) Responsibilities of Teams

Team Leaders shall be liable to the planning, functioning and
development of their Team. Directors shall apply due expediency,
cost-efficiency and effectiveness in their area of responsibility.

In addition, the Team Leaders shall be liable for:
a. developing their staff and working conditions
b. the internal functioning of their Team and communications

IIc1) Game World

The Game World Team shall be responsible for the development and maintaining
of all Icesus code, which is not deemed as MudLib-code. The team is also
responsible for the Game World storyline and it's development.

IIc2) MudLib

The MudLib Team shall be responsible for the development and maintaining of
the MudLib-code. This consists of the IceLib? itself, along with all the software
and hardware used by Icesus.

IIc3) Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team shall be responsible for
a) the ex ante and ex post verification of code admitted to Icesus
b) revising code implemented into Icesus
c) reviewing English grammar submitted to Icesus
d) promoting consciousness of quality standards set for Icesus development.

IIc4) General Affairs

The General Affairs Team shall be responsible for the development and
maintaining of:

a) relations between the Executive Team and the Jb) communication between Jc) advicing the Managing Director in coordinating the development of Icesus
in regard to Jd) public relations and advertising
e) matters not in the domain of other Teams.

IIc5) Managing Director

In addition to other responsibilities, the Managing Director shall decide upon:

a. The general guidelines and objectives for the development of Icesus
b. The objectives of Teams
c. Requests for Jaccessories and funding required for maintaining and developing

IIb6) Executive Team

The Executive Team assists the Managing Director in the management of Icesus.

In addition of the Managing Director, the Executive Team consists of the
Team Leaders.

The Managing Director shall consult the Executive Team in all decisions of
major significance in the development and maintaining of Icesus and all
decisions where the effect is deemed to be irreversible and long-lasting.

The Managing Director shall appoint a certain forum for internal communications
of the Executive Team.

III) Presentation

In the Administration of Icesus, matters shall be decided by formal
presentation, unless otherwise ordered.

Members of Teams present their matters to their Team Leader. Team Leaders
present matters to the Managing Director. If a certain matter is
presented by a member of a Team, but requires the approval of the Managing 
Director, the member shall present the matter to the Team Leader
in advance.

The Team Leader shall be deemed responsible for all material reviewed 
and accepted through formal presentation.

IV) Communication

IVa) Staff Participation in Public Relations

All members of the Icesus Administration shall partake in both internal and
external communications of the Administration.

All members of the Administration shall assist and counsel the players of
Icesus as described in the Administrative Guidelines.

IVb) Internal Communication

The Managing Director shall communicate all significant content to the
Administration. Team Leaders shall be responsible for communicating all
significant content from their Team to the Managing Director

V) Enactment

This Administrative Procedure shall take effect on the 21th of September 2003.

On the 21th of September 2003,

The Executive Board of J