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The 'aim' command lets you choose what body parts you are aiming at.
Valid arguments at the moment are 'stun points' and 'critical areas',
or you can name a specific bodypart to aim at.
Shots that hit stun points have a chance of stunning the target (nothing
like a shot into the groin), and shots at critical body areas are logically
very harmful, often causing bleeding injuries, but are hard to pull off.
If you know where to shoot to make the most of your shot you should aim
at a specific body location.
Using the command without arguments will show your aiming status. With
someone or something as the argument, 'aim at orc' for example, the command
will tell you all the body parts the target has.
aim at <'stun points'/'critical areas'/'nothing'/bodypart/name of the monster>
'aim at critical areas', or 'aim at neck', for example. 

Note that this command only affects ranged weapons, and that
     you CAN aim at bodyparts the target does NOT have. Aiming at the
     right leg will do little good against a beholder.