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Flags accepted:
   -clear       Clears all aliases.
   -global      Show the global aliases.
   -search xxx  Show only aliases with xxx in their expansion.
   -s xxx       Short for -search

alias                   View current aliases.
alias <alias> <command> Set the verb alias to execute command.
alias <alias>           Check the value of <alias>
unalias <alias>         Remove <alias> from the alias list.

Substitution variable that exist are:
   $* - Will be substituted with everything after the verb.

   $# - Where # is the number of the word after the verb to substitute.

For example, if you:
   alias blah X $1 X $2 X $3 X

then when you type

   blah one two three

it will become

   X one X two X three X

Prefixing the alias' verb with a $ allows you to set up a verb that does
not require a space after it. i.e. 'alias $' say $*' will allow you to do
says as:
'Hey! This is most Stufly!

Look at the default aliases for examples.
Note: $* is added to all aliases, unless was already part of it.
No aliases or nicknames are parsed for lines starting with @.