Ariaxum C'haracour, the guardian of oblivion

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The name Ariaxum C'haracour is known to every living being in the valley, the stories about his deeds during the time the gods battled are still in circulation, he is, after all, one of the legends of history, albeit his name is usually connected to carnal massacres and terrible bloodsheds. The terrible dark elf in front of you looks by far more powerful than any of its kind you have seen before. A powerful-looking torso and muscular arms, completed with hugely muscled legs, he surely looks like the hero you have heard in bards' tales. There are three great tattoos covering his otherwise bare chest and shoulders: the mark of the energy manipulators in the left shoulder, the mark of the followers of destruction in the right shoulder and in the chest an enormous symbol of the sentinels. He surely looks like a master of the sentinels, and that he is. He is also rumoured to be the undefeated champion of the sorcerers' battleground. He seems to channel some energy in small intervals to the vortex next to him, propably keeping it up so that those who are able may enter the stronghold if they wish so.

He seems to have a familiar aura of prestige.

He is a dark elf (humanoid) and somewhat large of size.

Master gatekeeper is in excellent shape! (100%)

Items acquired from this monster