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Intelligence, Wisdom and Channel elemental energy help in casting this spell. Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: constitution
     Tertiary: strength

This is a protection spell of combined elements that covers the targets' bodies with a layer of steel plating, the thickness of which is determined by armour already worn, and the ability of the caster. The armour plating is heavy and its burden may slow your movements and exhaust you in battle -- a watchful eye should be kept on your endurance points.

The armour plating starts out very thick, and is depleted by every hit it takes, reducing the protection it offers, but also making it lighter to carry around.

By casting the spell again you can cumulatively replenish one half of the plating's thickness with a half of the normal spell point cost.

The spell can be cast at multiple targets at once by separating the targets with the word 'AND', typed in capital letters.