Bank hints

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Once you've deposited money in the bank, you won't earn any interest,
and you will be charged money for withdrawing money or buying items
using credit.  So why use banks at all?

Because money can be heavy, especially silver coins; enter 'i weight'
to see how much your money weighs, and how much space it's taking up.
If your money is weighing you down too much, you should deposit some
of it in the bank.  However, if you're big and strong, you'll be able
to carry a lot of money with you, so you'll need to be at least a
little rich before you have to put any of it in the bank.

Do 'look plaque' for a full list of bank commands.

NOTE: If, when you try to train/study at a guild, you don't have
enough money on you for the training, but you do have money in the
bank, the money will be automatically taken from your bank, with no
fee charged.