Barrimundo the weapon master of atherton

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Barrimundo seems like a very tall human but with a closer look you notice that he has some elven blood in him too. His eyes are those of an elf and also his facial and other body features are much like those of an elf. His hair seems a bit unnatural as it is completely snow white and very long. It falls from the top of his head to his shoulders and then flows down on his back almost reaching to his knees. This long hair is very uncommon for a warrior as it is usually in his way but you believe that Barrimundo is so skilled warrior that it doesn't affect his battle skills. His moves are also very graceful and exact and you think that he has been raised by elves even though he is a half-elf. Still you can notice some human features on him, revealing that he isn't just an elf but with little effort of disguising you wouldn't be able to tell that he is half-elf. He seems to have a familiar aura of prestige. He is a half-elf (humanoid) and somewhat large of size.

Items acquired from this monster