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Usage: battle <-h | -s | -b | -m args | -c style | -a off,def,cas | -a N to category | -v level>
This command is used to modify your combat settings.
'battle' is also used to change combat and hit styles, and starting special
battle maneuvers. Please read the subtopics to learn more.

To read the general help about the combat system, read 'help combat'

   battle -a 50,30,0
   battle -a 3 to offence
   battle -a casting

Type 'battle help <topic>' to learn more.

        Available topics: assign, maneuver, verbosity and list.


You can change your combat point (see 'help points') assignments by using
'battle -a' command. Without any skills your maximum number of combat
points is 85, but it will improve with your stats and 'concentrated' skills
such as concentrated casting or concentrated attack. When you become more
skilled, you can use your time in combat more efficiently, which means you
actually can have over 100% assignments. This means you can do everything
you did before, but just much faster. Try to use all your combat points,
they are useless in the 'unused' category. For example a caster probably
wants to maximize the casting speed and spend rest of the points to

Usage: battle <assign | -a> [attack%,defence%,casting%]] [N to category]

     'battle assign 60,40,0'
     'battle -a 30 to attack'
     'battle assign -5 to casting'

Note: you can switch your assignments quickly by typing 'battle -a defence'
(or attack or casting), which will assign
as much as possible to defence (or whatever), and as little
as possible to everything else.

You can change the default message verbosity you get when assigning combat
points by typing 'set assign_verbosity X' where X is either 'verbose' or
'brief'. To remove the setting type 'unset assign_verbosity'.


You can try to execute special battle maneuvers during combat. This is done
with 'battle -m' command.

Usage: battle maneuver [list] [(start) maneuver {at target}]
              -m        Start a special combat maneuver.
                        See 'help skill <maneuver>' for more info.

Example: 'battle -m list' 'battle -m overbear at cutter'
         'battle -m dirty moves'

Available combat maneuvers: blow of justice, cataclysm, gangrenous
eviscerate, reave defences, draw weapon, spellblade, furious assault,
headbutt, kick, melee massacre, motion of combat, mounted encirclement,
shadow strike, shield parry, shield punch, shield punch old, shield rush,
strike, blitz, whirling blades, blood rage, grapple, mortal blow and wilder


You can change the verbosity of combat messages. This affects all combat
messages you see; the hits you do just like the hits you take.

Your verbosity level can be silent, normal and short.

        Use 'battle verbosity <level>' to change it.


Battle command can be used to show your current combat point assignments.
There are verbosity modes available: 'battle', 'battle brief' and 'battle
You can set the default mode by typing 'set assign_verbosity X' where X is
either 'verbose' or 'brief'. Type 'unset assign_verbosity' to remove it.

        -s              very short listing
        short           Example: 'battle -s'

        -b              brief list
        brief           Example: 'battle -b'