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      * You should keep in mind that there are players from various
        backgrounds, religions and as you know, from various countries.
        So it's highly advisable to try to be polite, and behave well
        on channels etc.

      * If you fail to comprehend these simple rules, the result will
        be channel banishment, characters banishment or removal.

      * And behave in front of wizards or admins / gods. They are the
        people who contribute to the game on their own _spare_ time,
        and are doing this without payment.
        They do NOT have to listen shit from any mortal.
        If they do not want to.
        Failure to comprehend this simple rule will most likely result
        in removal of your character. Please keep in mind that the
        wizards/admins do have their own personal (sometimes called real)
        life, so it highly depends of the situation if they do not mind
        little 'flaming' but if an admin is having a bad day, you might
        have to kiss your char goodbye.

      * In general, if you behave politely you don't have anything to
        worry about.
        But saying 'fuck off' might not be the best way to start conversation.