Blow of justice

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Affiliated stats:

      Primary: strength
    Secondary: dexterity
     Tertiary: wisdom

This skill can be used without having any training in it.

Blow of Justice is a battle maneuver used by templars to test the worthiness of their foes, both physically and mentally. This is done by imbuing your weapon with a globe of elemental energy, granted by the gods, which you can use to strike down your enemy.

Knowledge of this skill, the skill 'faith' and training in the use of your weapon will aid you, but one should not forget the importance of a fit body, in the form of strength and dexterity, and a strong mind, in the form of wisdom. The total amount of elemental focus you have will also be reflected in the damage you do.

As the act is guided and controlled by the elemental gods, a blow of justice cannot miss, though the opponent can and will try to do his best to minimize the effects.

The maneuver can be used in 3 ways : - without any additional arguments - to judge : This will compare your reputation in your own community against that of your opponent. - to sacrifice : Here you sacrifice a part of your life force to the elemental gods in order to strike harder.

Should you try to judge a more honorable person than yourself, you will risk being punished by the elemental forces. Using this maneuver atop a mount is impossible -- no honourable templar would ever imagine committing such a despicable act. The syntax goes as follows: battle -m blow of justice at <target> <to [mode]>


use blow of justice use 'blow of justice' thief use blow of justice at thief to sacrifice <% of health> use blow of justice at to judge