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This is help file for boat commands. Boats, in this case, mean small
vessels like rowboats and canoes and nothing like large yachts or 
other ships. Boats can be only moved by attaching them on a mount who
is able to do so. To see help about mounts refer to 'help riding long'.
Boats can be bought from shipwrights and they can be stored at the 
stables like wagons and carts. Canoes work a little bit different than
other boats. They cannot be dragged with a mount but they can be carried
by a player if the canoe is empty and they cannot be stored at the stables.

Commands working outside the boat:
 enter <boat name>      - Enters the boat.
 set_owner <name>       - Set <name> as the owner of the boat. To unset the 
                          owner set the name to 0.
Commands working inside the boat:
 exit                   - Exits the boat.
 anchor <boat>          - Anchors the boat if it is unanchored and unanchors 
                          if it is anchored. Only owner of the boat can 
                          anchor it. Some boats cannot be anchored at all.
 row/paddle <dir>       - Moves boat to wanted direction. Note that you can 
                          row/paddle boat to the room where there is no water if 
                          you are currently in water.
 look around            - Looks at surroundings of a boat
 toss <name>            - Tosses <name> over the side. Only owner of the boat
                          can toss people over board.

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