Bortar, orc master smith

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You look with awe and a bit of fear upon the orc. After the initial shock of finding an orc in this strange place you notice that he is holding a smithing hammer. This can't be right! You are looking at the smith who is the leader of the Smithing Clan and trains

those who have the willpower to become a master smith. He looks ancient compared to any other orcs that you have seen and they are usually wielding a weapon attempting to knock of your head. Whilst he is extremely old you see that his arms are huge

and he holds the massive hammer like it is a stick. Behind those eyes you see that there is an immense storage of knowledge, which you have never seen before in anybody let along an orc. He looks stoically but not unfriendly at you, waiting for you to make the first move.

He seems to have a powerful aura of prestige.

He is an orc and medium of size.

Items acquired from this monster