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 - Normal bounties -

 With bounty command you can place a bounty on a specific target. For example 
 you could place a bounty to kill a specific monster or a bounty on acquiring 
 a particular item. The amount specified is deducted from your account as 
 soon as it is set and awarded to the player who fulfills the requirements. 
 The time set is the amount of time before the bounty expires in days, max 
 number of days is 20. If the bounty is not fulfilled the money will be 
 returned minus a fee of 1000 silver or 10% depending which is the least. 
 The message is the message displayed describing the task, you do not need 
 to name the reward unless there is a reward besides money involved and the 
 time remaining is also printed automatically. To claim a bounty use 'bounty 
 claim <bounty>' this will add you to a list of claimants to the bounty. 
 'bounty award <bounty>' awards the next claimant in line of the bounty 
 and deletes the bounty. 'bounty dismiss <bounty>' dismisses the next claimant 
 in line. 'bounty info <bounty name>' gives information regarding the bounty. 
 'bounty list' lists all available bounties. 'bounty check <bounty>' checks 
 to see if that bounty has any claims to it. To change a feature you need 
 to name the feature involved. Currently the available changeable features are 
 the message of the bounty and the amount. Once someone stakes a claim onto a 
 bounty, the bounty will not be advertised on wanted so make sure you keep 
 your bounties up to date. 
 NOTE: You can place bounties on players HOWEVER bounty hunters do not get a 
 licence to kill, they must follow the policy set in 'help player killing'
 ALSO NOTE: adding stupid bounties and/or inappropriate language (including 
 non-english) will get you BANNED from the bounty system. Quest items are not 
 to be placed as a bounty!

 - Trade bounties -
 During 'bounty set' the first question you are asked is what type of bounty 
 you want to set, the second option is trade. Trade bounties are the best way 
 to transfer resources fairly without risk of being cheated. The setup process 
 is quite self-explanatory so I wont go into it here. Like normal bounties it 
 costs a small fee to setup but once setup you can just keep adding to your 
 account for free via 'bounty change'. There is also a delete option in the 
 bounty change options.
 All transactions go through Fiso, a jolly halfling who is south of the general 
 store in Vaerlon. He stores all goods in his small chest, which saves over 
 boots until you are able to pick it up.
 You may only have account open per material & type. That is to say if I have 
 an account for tin ore I cannot have two tin ore accounts but I may have iron 
 ore etc.
 Ask Fiso about commands to see which commands are needed to transfer goods.
 Currently trade bounties deal with ore, bars, stone, logs, timber, and planks.
 Last updated 26-12-05 - Echcua