Bounty (feature)

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Please first read help bounties

Usage: bounty set
       bounty claim <name>
       bounty award <name>
       bounty dismiss <name>
       bounty info <name>
       bounty list
       bounty check <name>
       bounty change
       bounty delete <name>
       bounty bans
       bounty ban add,<name>,<days>,<reason> (for operators only)
       bounty ban remove,<name> (for operators only)
Examples: bounty set ereldon,10000000,20,Require Ereldon's head mounted
          bounty claim ereldon
          bounty award ereldon
          bounty change ereldon amount 20000
          bounty delete ereldon
To improve communication and trade bounty trade commands have been
These commands will display who can do what, in no particular order, and
later will include other features. 'bounty trade list' shows any bounties
for resources, 'bounty trade show' lists the different crafts which you can
view individually to see which players can do what.
Currently 'bounty trade' commands:
       bounty trade list
       bounty trade show
       bounty trade <type>