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Usage: camp <build | break>
       camp build campfire

This is a command for building a camp or a campfire. You can normally only
camp outdoors, but there might be places where you can build a camp or
campfire even if you aren't outside; such places can be usually noticed
from the description of the room.

The camping skill helps to build a better camping site, and to build it
faster.  When there's a fireplace or a campfire in the room, you can try to
'light', 'extinguish' or 'refuel' it; lighting a campfire requires flint
and steel, which can be bought from any general store.

A camping site will improve your regeneration when you sleep, while a
campfire will help you regenerate regardless if you are asleep or awake.

** note: If there's already a ready camp in the room, 'camp build' will try
to rebuild and fix it, pushing back the time at which the camp site will
fall apart from neglect.**

Also see 'help sleep'.