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Syntax:   captcha <answer to the challenge>
Example:  captcha asdf

CAPTCHA is an acronym for 'completely automated public Turing test to tell
computers and humans apart' and it is a type of challenge-response test
used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.

In Icesus, if you are using certain skills/spells which have been robotted
in the past, you might get captcha challenged every now and then to make
sure there is a (minimum of one) sentient being controlling your character
instead of a robot. Knowing this, if you receive a captcha challenge,
first, it is automated and nothing personal, and second, use this command
to defeat the challenge.

To defeat the challenge, just type: captcha <your answer to the challenge>

Your answer to the challenge is not case sensitive, so if you would (e.g.)
see letters A S D F, type 'captcha asdf' to win.

Once you are given a captcha challenge, you have to beat it before you can
use the skill/spell again. In trying to use the skill/spell while under
captcha challenge will just simply block the use of your skill/spell. You
will be informed that you are in midst of a captcha challenge and you have
to beat it before you can use the said skill/spell again.

If you missed the captcha - first question is where were your eyes?
Probably not on the MUD. However, in this case you can just give a wrong
(any) answer to the current captcha, it will be counted as a failed attempt
and you can just continue. Just be awake when the next one comes because
you have a total of 5 attempts to get it right before automatic corrective
actions will take place.

Know that all captcha challenges are logged. Any attempts to robot, or
otherwise hack or circumvent the captcha challenge will be met with
hardened corrective actions starting from banishment from the game.

NOTE: If you are marked as a blind person, contact a wizard using tell and
the whole captcha process will be skipped for you.

See also: help robots