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How to read the sheet:

Under stat like Dex, there is a number that implies if there is a penalty to your maximum dexterity (negative number) or if the background choice increases your maximum dexterity (1 means Increased, 2 means Greatly increased). same goes for all of these, such as 2 SP Int = Intelligence gives more spell points, 1 SP Wisdom = Wisdom gives little more spell points, 3 Int psp = Intelligence gives much more psychic spell points, 2 Dex ep = dexterity gives more endurance points.

Naturally if there is a -2 under Dex in your chosen background for example, it means Greatly lowered maximum Dexterity, and so on.

Skills for example, on barber, mean that if you choose 1x barber, you get +2 Swords skill, same goes for Spells.

You can find the descriptions for each background below the images.