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In order to ensure good relationship amongst mortals the wizards of Icesus
have decided that players are to behave properly when interacting on
public channels. The channel behavior is monitored by the wizards of Icesus
and also special channel operators, whom are mortals. The rules exist
so that individual players can enjoy their mudding without getting
publicly harassed or spammed.
(These rules don't apply to private channels.)

Things you shouldn't do on public channels:
       o spam
       o insult anyone personally
       o speak any other language besides English
         (language channels, such as swe-channel, are an exception)
       o share specific information relating Icesus game world
         (read 'help sharing information')
       o type in capital letters, also known as 'caps'
       o ignore the channel topic
       o type any trivial, meaningless crap
       o do not try to act as an operator, leave channel monitoring 
         to real channel operators

 Examples of prohibited channel messages:
 'Belannaer <chat>: OMGXIITLOL' -> caps and useless crap
 'Adw [ice]: hohooo aika paska homma taas!' -> finnish
 'Arga {newbie}: fuck you Belannaer!' -> personal insult

 Using prohibited channel messages may lead to getting banned by a wizard
 or channel operator. Breaking the rules constantly will lead to longer
 bans, the norm for bans being 1-3 days, but bans ranging from 1 month to
 a full year have taken place. If in any case you feel like you have
 been wrongly punished by a mortal channel operator you can always mail 
 a log of the event to some active wizard and explain what happened, 
 Belannaer being the most suitable one to contact.

 See also 'help channel' and 'help channels'

    ++ Arga the humble channel operator at Thu Aug 29 2002