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Creating your character

To adventure in the realms of Icesus, you have to create a character for yourself, whose actions you control. It is a good idea to take the time to read all helps about all the different options in the character creation process and to choose carefully.


When first logging in, you are asked to supply a name for your character. You can only use lowercase letters (a-z) in the name, and it cannot be longer than 12 letters.

Icesus has a name policy which doesn't allow names well-known from literature, movies etc to be used as names for a character. Using actual english words (or words from any other language) as a name is also disencouraged, as is plain offensive or stupid names. If your name breaks these rules, you will be asked by a administrator to change it and your old character will be removed.

It might happen that you are asked for a password after giving the name. This means someone else has already created a character with that name. Pressing enter thrice will disconnect you, so that you can re-connect and try another name. Another possibility is that you are informed that the name is 'banned'; this means an administrator has disabled that name so that it cannot be used in the game.


You must give a unique password which you use every time you log on to the game. Do not use an actual word as your password, nor anything else that is easily guessable. The best passwords consists of both uppercase and lowercase letters mixed with numbers. You can change your password at any time after creation with the 'passwd'-command.


This is the gender your character will have in the game. Choose whatever you like. Changing gender requires a reincarnation, so it is doable and not permanent.

Email & real name

You will next be asked for a valid e-mail address and your real name. This information can ONLY BE SEEN BY ARCHWIZARDS OR HIGHER. No other players or wizards can see it. You do not have to give these if you don't want to. However, if you later forget your password or have similar troubles, the administration can probably not help you if you haven't given these. You can change this information at any time after creation with the 'chfn'-command.

If you choose not to give this information, please do not try to be funny and give 'humorous' names and addresses. This is done constantly, and the administrators have seen it all and are not amused.


You will now be moved to a room where you can choose your race. Start by typing 'look', this will show you what commands you can use in this room. Look at the information about each race (ex 'info elf'), and find one which you like. Pay special attention to its statistics and make sure you choose a race which is suitable for the kind of career you want to pursue, if you already have decided upon that. A mage would want a race with good intelligence, while a fighter would need good strength and constitution, and so on. When you have found a race you like, type 'select <race>', ex 'select elf' to choose that race for your character.

NOTE: also pay special attention to how good dark- and light-vision the race has, and if they are allergic to water or have other such impedements. Choosing a race with poor vision or some allergy can make a beginning adventurer's life much harder than it would have to be.

Once you have chosen a race to your liking, type 'continue' to move on. You will still be able to return here until your creation is finished.


Next you will choose the background of your character in several steps. You can read a more thorough explanation about this by typing 'help backgrounds'. In short, your choices here will affect your character in many ways, giving bonuses both to her actual statistics and potential maximum statistics, skills, spells, starting equipment etc.

In each part of the background-creation, you can use the 'info'-command to see information about the available choices, and type 'back' to move to the beginning of the current section of your background-creation. Typing 'back' several times will eventually take you all the way to the race- and element-selection. You choose one of the available options simply by typing it.

When you get to the part where you can select jobs your character performs before starting her adventuring career, you can at any point type 'start adventuring' to start playing. If not, you still will only be able to choose a set number of jobs before you are forced to start adventuring. The more jobs you choose, the older the character is when she starts her adventuring career.