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Charms are different kinds of small trinkets and fetishes that different
people carry around. Many believe them to have beneficial effects if you
have one on you, such as fisherman's charm giving him more luck catching
fishes. Naturally this is mostly nonsense but some charms are actually
magical and help its wearer.

Charms can be added to a collection to provide boost to many various
things. First you must create a collection where to add your charms. A
collection can contain up to total of 25 charms, up to 6 diffent types of
charms and up to 5 charms of single type. You can have maximum of 40

charm create                         - Creates a new collection
charm [list/collections]             - Lists all your collections
charm current                        - Shows your current collection
charm describe [number] [desc]       - Gives collection a description
charm add [charm] to [number]        - Adds a charm to chosen collection
charm destroy [charm] from [number]  - Destroys one charm from collection
charm swap [number] and [number]     - Changes places of collections
charm activate [number]              - Activates a collection
charm deactivate                     - Deactivates a collection
charm check [number]                 - Shows info about your collection
charm discard [number]               - Permanently discards a collection

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