Chromatic barrier

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Spell point cost: 150

Casting process is verbal.

Intelligence, Wisdom and Channel elemental energy help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: intelligence
    Secondary: wisdom
     Tertiary: dexterity

This is a powerful retributive protection spell of all elements. It shields the targets with a polychromatic screen of energy that can be charged with virtually any spell in existence, but not with the spirit-imbued powers of the sorcerers.

After this spell has been invoked it has to be charged with another one -- a chromatic barrier will do nothing by itself. In order to do this, cast another spell at the person or creature protected by this spell. Note that the spell you use to charge the barrier with will have its normal effect on the barried-protected person.

If the energy pattern of the spell was recorded successfully, the chromatic screen will then retaliate against melee attacks with the spell it was charged with. This process drains the spell points of the templar who is keeping the barrier up. It may also use up some of the mana of the person who charged the barrier. You can increase the chance of the spell reacting to an attack by allocating more combat points to defence.

The person who charged the barrier has to stay near the protected person, otherwise the barrier will not work.

A chromatic barrier draws its power from the bond of the target's element.

The spell can be cast at multiple targets at once by separating the targets with the word 'AND', typed in capital letters.