City defending

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City defending

A player who is a resident or a member of a city's defender guild may
defend the city against other players.


1. A 'defender' is any resident or member of a defender guild who
   chooses to actively defend against attackers. Templars and army are
   defender guilds for Vaerlon. Once a player becomes a defender they
   remain so until they have not engaged an attacker for 15 minutes.

2. A 'defender's assistant' is any player who gives aid to a 
   defender such as healing, boosts, or protective spells. All 
   players are allowed to assist a defender.

3. An 'attacker' is any player or minion who has attacked a city's
   NPCs or citizens including gateguards and guards in the past 15
   minutes or member of a party including attackers.

4. 'city boundaries' are the interior of a city plus all rooms which
   can be reached in three steps from the city, including the void
   side of a permanent rift.


1. Within the city boundaries, a defender may attack, kill, or
   otherwise hamper attackers.

2. Within the city boundaries an attacker may attack, kill, or
   otherwise hamper defenders and anyone present and partied with

3. Within the city boundaries an attacker may attack, kill or
   otherwise hamper a defender's assistant. This promotes the
   assistant to defender status for the duration of the conflict.

Stern Warning:

   Breaking these rules, or trying to find your own excuses to kill
   outsiders will lead to consequences.

1) Nothing in these rules should give you the idea that you can
   somehow cast a tornado in a room full of bystanders.
2) No one is a defender until they take an action against an attacker,
   you may not preemptively attack people.
3) The coach driver and guard are special. Anyone may defend them.
4) Even if you are attacking the city, you may not cast area spells in
   rooms with innocent bystanding players.