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Here is a long list of all general commands.

adverbs         - list all adverbs in emoteterm database
alias           - make command aliases
ask             - ask <monster> about <what>
away            - mark yourself as 'away'
battle          - adjust various battle settings
bell            - bell someone (Hey Bob, wake up!)
blessings       - lists the blessings you have
bodyparts       - lists all bodyparts in emote database
bolt            - bolt an item to your apartment's wall
bounty          - views bounty options
brief           - toggle between brief and verbose descriptions
bug             - REPORT A BUG!
camp            - build a campfire or break it
cast            - cast a spell 'help magic'
channel         - command to operate channels
chfn            - CHange Full Name (Change your name and email settings)
close           - close a container or door
converse        - put yourself in converse mode 'help converse'
consider        - consider a monster 'consider <monster>'
colour          - use 'colour on' to enable colours quickly.
count           - count objects
creator         - gives you information about who created a room or object
date            - the current time and date
describe        - describe your character, write a long desc
dice            - throw a dice!
dig             - dig graves or holes with shovel
drag            - drag an object you can't carry to some direction
drink           - drink
drop            - drop an item or money
eat             - eat
emote           - emote an emote!
emotes          - lists all emotes in emote database
eq              - shows the items you are wearing
exits           - exits of the room you are in
exp             - shows your hp/sp/ep, experience points
finger          - finger a player in icesus or in another mud
flip            - flips a coin, useful for tough decisions
friends         - your friend list
gather          - gather herbs and mushrooms
get             - get an item or money
give            - give an item or money
glance          - brief description of the room
go              - move to certain direction
guilds          - shows your guilds and information
help            - HELP!
history         - shows your command history
hp              - hp/sp/ep report
idle            - see how long someone has been idle
ignore          - ignore someone
inventory       - shows what you are carrying in your inventory
keep            - add an item to keep list
kill            - enter into combat
knock           - knock on the door
last            - last messages on specific channel. same as <channel last>
lock            - lock a door
look            - look
lite            - lite channels with colours
mail            - use the mailer
map             - gives you the map if avaible
mon             - automatic hp/sp/ep reporting
name            - give an alternative alias to some item
news            - read news
nickname        - add a nickname of something
note            - very handy notebook
open            - open a door or container
party           - party on! 'party'
passwd          - change your password
perform         - perform a ritual of success or power
pipe            - your input will be piped to certain command
plan            - set or clear your plan shown when someone fingers you
praise          - praise a coder
pry             - pry open a door or container
put             - put something in something
query           - write a query report
race            - use race special commands if available
remove          - remove an equipped item
reply           - reply to a tell
reset           - resets your terminal setting
restorehb       - restores your heart beat if the mud happens to bug
rpn             - Reverse Polish Notation calculator
save            - save your character
say             - say a message
score           - shows the stats and other information of your character
search          - search something
set             - you can set different properties with this command
shape           - shows the shape of the opponent
showeq          - shows an eq to someone
snoopable       - toggle your snoopable flag
skills          - lists your skills
skin            - skin animal corpses for valuable skins 'skin corpse'
slots           - free slots
spells          - lists your spells
stop            - stop a skill or spell
suicide         - commit a suicide
switch          - switch sets of gear
tell            - tell 
term            - sets your term
throw           - throw an item
time            - prints the current time in Icesus
title           - sets your title
topics          - list all help topics for players
typo            - write a typo report
unalias         - remove an alias
undescribe      - remove the description
unlock          - unlock
unnickname      - remove a nickname
unset           - remove a setting
uptime          - how long icesus has been up?
use             - use a skill
version         - lib/driver version number
walk            - walk into certain direction in outworld
wear            - wear an armour
webnews         - various web pages as mud help files!
whisper         - whisper
who             - list of online players
who short       - same as 'who', but a brief version. See also 'help who'
whoami          - tells you who you are! (admins need this when multiplaying)
                  Multiplaying is ILLEGAL!
whois           - gives ingame information about other characters
why             - why the game is going to shut down
wield           - wield a weapon
wimpy           - wimpy or brave mode in combat?
wizcall         - if you are in trouble and you think you'll need a wizard,
                  use wizcall
wreply          - whisper reply
zone            - timezone settings