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Short help about death

In the nether plane, use 'sense souls' to find soul-parts and 'merge' with them to reduce experience loss. You can also 'pray' for the soul-parts, although it costs you Divine Favours, and slightly increased experience loss compare to gathering the souls on your own.

You will then be in the Temple of the Dead of the city/town you are a citizen of. A dead player can be resurrected by another, living player, in which case the dead player will be resurrected in the temple where the living player asked for the resurrection. The living player must go to the Temple of the Dead and beg the appropriate person there to open a resurrection portal for the dead; this costs Divine Favours.

Long help

The life of an adventurer is filled with perils, and sooner or later you might meet an opponent too tough for you and you die. Worry not, you will be given the chance to live again. It might not be too easy to return to the lands of the living though, so read this text carefully.

Every living being has a soul consisting of three parts: good, evil and neutral. These parts are usually merged, with one part being dominant depending on how the person acts and what choices she makes. When a being dies, however, her soul leaves her body and is split up into all three parts. However, if the being is still young and unexperienced, it might be that only one part splits from the soul, or even that they all stay together, thus sparing that being from having to search for them. If they do split, the will of the being stays with the dominant part, and the other two parts will try to flee from this part.

The three parts will enter the dreaded Nether Plane. It is not known for sure (at least, no-one admits to such knowledge), where this plane actually exists. It appears as an endless maze of twisted passages, where the spirits of the dead and other terrifying creatures roam. The only way to leave the Nether Plane is through portals. There are several there which can be entered, when one has found one, but they are unstable and change position occasionally. They will appear as black holes with streaks of light in them. These portals will transport the soul from the Nether Plane and make it appear inside its body in the Temple of the Dead of that player's home city/town. To be resurrected to a different town, a living player must go to that town's Temple of the Dead and beg for a special resurrection portal to be open, which will cost the begger Divine Favor.

The travel from the Nether Plane puts great stress on the soul, and the revived mortal will find that her experience has diminished as a result of this. However, if one searches for the other parts of ones soul and merges with them before leaving the Nether Plane, the soul will be less vulnerable and thus lose less experience. While in the Nether Plane, one can sense the approximate location of the other parts of ones soul by typing 'sense souls'. Merging with one soul part helps a little, merging with both helps more. Also, one can 'pray' to one's elemental god, which can instantly merge the prayer with a soul-part. Praying costs Divine Favours, though, and also slightly increase the experience loss compared to finding the soul parts on your own.

In short terms: The easiest way to get back from Nether Plane is to find a portal and type 'enter portal'.

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