Divine rain of judgement

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Intelligence, Wisdom and Elemental focus of water help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: strength
     Tertiary: intelligence

This spectacular spell from the elemental sphere of water allows the caster to summon a shower of rain that has the ability to do a multitude of things. What the exact effects are is determined by the target of this spell. If the target does not belong to one of the guilds listed below, the spell will summon a cold (damage) rain of hailstones by default.

Army of Vaerlon:                         cold damage
Conclave of Sorcerers:                   mana regeneration
Gaesati shapeshifters:                   poison damage
Infecti Tyros:                           mana regeneration
Initiates of Air:                        healing
Initiates of Shadowdancers:              poison damage
Initiates of Temperance:                 physical damage 
Mages of Valkor:                         mana regeneration
Militia of Vaerlon:                      cold damage
Priests of Fire:                         fire damage
Priests of Water:                        mana regeneration
Ranger Candidates of the Elements:       poison damage
Scions of the cursed blood:              poison damage
Templar Initiates:                       cold damage
Wilders of Aegic:                        physical damage 

If the caster is in a party at the time of casting this spell, the rain will pour down on the entire party, otherwise it will only touch the caster. This spell can only be cast at players.