Dragonscale crafters

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Dragonscale crafters are highly skilled leathercrafters who have studied ways to create scale armours out of animal and dragonscale. Most of them craft wyvernscales which are the most common scales that are strong and large enough to be made into armours. Only most skilled leathercrafters, many of them master artisans, are able to craft dragonscale into armours, although getting your hands on those scales might be hard at times because those pesky lizard do not usually want to give them up easily.


| Skill name                      |  1|  2|  3|
| dragonscale crafting            | 33| 66|100|


* Guild: Leathercrafters at level 4
* Skill: craftsmanship at 75%
* Requirements for level 2:
* Skill: craftsmanship 100%                           
* Skill: dragonscale expertise 15%

+ Location

Southwest of Chronomancers.

+ Profession

You may use profession levels in this guild.

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