Equipment damage

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** Equipment Damage **

1st and most important note: The damage will not happen on every hit
or spell. It really is quite rare.

Equipment can take damage from hard hits, and this is dependent of
several things:

1. The type of the damage.  Acid is more corrosive and destructive
than physical.

2. The material of the eq.  Titanium is harder to damage than leather.

3. Some other minor things you can keep on guessing :)
Example: Fire is more efficient against tin than mithril.

The effect of the damage:

Simple.  It lowers the quality of the equipment slowly. 
The condition affects the weapon in many ways. Even though minor 
scratches etc. will not have any impact on it, but the more damage your 
equipment takes, the more it loses its former glory. Therefore it is highly 
recommended to keep your equipment in rather good  condition. 

The repair?

A smith dedicated to the equipment repairs can fix your equipment back 
how it was. Sometimes rarer materials require a piece of the material the
equipment was made to get it fixed. Items which are made of other than 
regular materials need unknown materia to be fixed.

What is indestructible?

Your guild items.  Nothing else.  Oh yeah, only hit slots and weapons
are in danger.  Rings should be safe (but area spells may damage
even the rings if lucky!)

How to protect?

Permanently marked eq's are less likely to take damage.  

You can easily check if your worn equipment is damaged with 'eq check' command.

Simple notes for users: 

1. It requires some amount of damage to even have a _chance_ to damage
the equipment.  Thus low level players are safe since their main
opponents - rats - cannot harm their plate mail.  A rough estimation
is that plrs under lvl 30 are quite safe, except hard crits.

2. Material of the eq determines a _lot_ of its damaging chance.  Do
not assume that your mithril breastplate gets as much damage as
leather one.

3. Whining without having damaged even a single eq of your set is
quite pointless.

4. Remember that all you know is assumptions, only the wizards know
the facts.