Ethereal creature with majestic skeletal wings

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(Also known as Ethereal lord, short desc changes according to his hp-level)

What a wonderous sight this creature must have been. The race it belonged to is not known to you, perhaps not known to anyone. You can feel the pressure of time upon it, weighing heavily. It is skeletal, but the structure is far more lithe than average human's skeleton would be, and it is taller by a meter at least. Not to mention the wings, the glorious skeletal web-like wings that are curled over the back like a giant cloak of fine bones. You have an odd feeling that it doesn't quite belong in this time, that it has been asleep in here for ages and aeons past.

He seems to have a powerful aura of prestige. He is a skeleton (undead) and gigantic of size.

Items acquired from this monster