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Spell point cost: 140

Casting process is verbal. Intelligence, Wisdom and Elemental focus of air help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: intelligence
     Tertiary: dexterity

This useful utility spell from the elemental sphere of air allows the caster to tie multiple persons to the location where the spell is cast with threads of elemental energy. When a subject under this spell is subject to mortal danger, there is a good chance, depending on the strength of the bond of air and the caster's ability in this spell, that the subject is instantly transported to the location he was tied to instead of taking the killing blow.

The caster can also evacuate any person under the effects of this spell any time he likes by typing 'evacuate <person>', but the success of this process is not always guaranteed either.
The spell can be cast at multiple targets at once by separating the targets with the word 'AND', typed in capital letters.