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This command shows your current hit point, spell point and endurance point levels and other information about your character.

The amount of unspent experience you have now. This experience can be used as described in 'help experience'.

Experience spent on levels:
The amount of experience you have used to buy advancement points and to advance your guild level.

Total worth:
The total amount of experience you have. This amount is a sum of:
 (a) Your unspent experience,
 (b) Your experience spent on levels and
 (c) The experience you have used to train skills and spells (see 'guilds').
This amount defines your position in the top players-plaque.

Money in hand:
The total worth of all the coins you have right now, in silver coins (the standard currency of the whole Icesus valley).

Money in bank:
Your bank account balance, also in silver coins.