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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Icesus

Question: I just started to play, what should I do?
Answer: To explore is a good idea in the beginning. Visit every place in the city
   and get to know things. Also remember to read help files and use
   consider command a lot. Try 'help newbie' to start with, and also try
   typing 'topics'.

Q: Who is this Ereldon guy that everyone talks about?
A: Ereldon is the local sage of Vaerlon. He can be found at the Central
   Square of Vaerlon. (just east and south from Double Dragon's Inn).
   He does all kinds of things and knows a lot of Icesus, for example
   you should probably do 'ask ereldon about guilds'. He can also teleport
   you back to city if you ever get lost, do 'tell ereldon teleport' to
   get back. But remember, it's not free!

Q: I can't find any guilds, help!
A: Ask Ereldon about guilds or ask on newbie channel. All players so far
   have found their guilds, so don't worry.

Q: Where can I find torches?
A: You can find and create torches in many ways. The easiest way, probably,
   is to buy them from the General store or from Ereldon. However if you don't
   wish to spend cash on torches, you can always build a camping place
   ('help camp') and 'extract torch' from it.

Q: Ok but I can't see in daylight, what should I do?
A: Normal torches don't do you much good then. You need to get a darkness
   spell, nether torch or equipment that absorbs light. If you started the
   game with such a character, you already have a nether torch in your inventory.
   Light it and you'll be fine for a while. To get more nether torches, visit
   The Magic shop in city. It can be found just a little bit east and south
   from the Central Square.

Q: Battle seems to bug, I don't hit at all!
A: Check your combat point assigns. Try 'battle help assign' 'help combat points'
   If you wish to hit, just do 'battle -a attack' to assign everything you got to
   offense. Spellcasters probably wish to do 'battle -a casting'.

Q: Now my spells seem to bug! I hit in combat but my spells don't go off!
A: Check your combat point assigns again. 'battle help assign' 'help combat points'.
   See above.

Q: I found a bug, what should I do?
A: If you can live with it (ie. you can still move etc) use the 'bug' command
   to report it. If you can't live with it, look for an unidle wizard with
   the command 'who wiz unidle' (also 'help who') and/or ask help on public

Q: Where can I get Divine favor (DF)?
A: By exploring and sacrificing things on the altar. For more information
   read 'help divine favor' and 'help elements'

Q: What has happened lately? Have wizzies been coding or idling?
A: 'last news' and 'gameinfo' for big announcements.

Q: What is reincarnation?
A: When your characters goes through reincarnation, it means you sort
   of "start over" with the character. You get to keep the experience
   and equipment you've gained. See 'help reincarnation' for more 

Q: How can I reincarnate?
A: The talent of time and space manipulation is in the hands of
   Chronomancers. If you wish to reincarnate, you have to find one
   and ask for a reincarnation. Be prepared to pay for the service,

Q: Why are the shops closed!? This sucks!
A: The shopkeepers need their daily rest. You will have to wait until
   daylight for the shops to open their doors again. If you can not
   wait, then maybe you should look for some other place to sell
   your extra equipment in?

Q: Where is this "other place"?! Tell me now!
A: You should know better than that: 'help sharing information'.
   Search the city, and use your brain. Communication as well exploring are the
   most important things you need when you begin your journeys in Icesus. If
   you are still lost, you can always ask for general advice on the 'newbie'

Q: How do I see my stats?
A: The command 'score' shows your stat descriptions, such as "You are muscular,
   adroit and fit elf." along with their numerical representation.

Q: Combat seems to bug again! I stunned a monster but it tried to
   hit me! It shouldn't try to hit me if it is stunned!?
A: 'help icesus is icesus' - Being stunned does not mean being
   completely paralyzed.

Q: The mud said something like 'Game Driver tells you 'you have no
   heart beat!' - but I do, I just checked my pulse!!
A: The "Game Driver" is referring to your character, who just lost
   his or her heartbeat. Type 'restorehb' to (hopefully) restore it.
   Remember to bugreport the thing that caused you to lose your
   heartbeat. 'help bug'

Q: Damn this system of yours blows, I can't even make aliases which
   perform multiple commands at once!
A: Well try this: 'set delim faq_helped_me_again'
                  'alias foo smile;grin;twiddle'
                  'set delim ;'

Q: What's the difference between 'erotic' and 'kinky' ?
A: Erotic is when you use a feather. Kinky is when you use the whole

Q: When does Icesus boot?
A: The game reboot starts every 24 hours, and the end of the world comes
   about 15 minutes later. The reboot takes about five minutes.
   If you want to sit and idle, do it at the inns. That way your equipment
   will be saved. To see when the next reboot comes, use the 'uptime'

Q: Does Icesus have a web page?
A: Yes. http://www.icesus.org/

Q: What is this fishing everyone talks about and how can I do that too?
A: Fishing is just another way of spending your time in Icesus. To fish
   you need a fishing rod and some worms. You can buy fishing tackles
   from Astug, the old fisherman. His hut is far southeast from Vaerlon,
   by the path. When you come by a river, cross it by the bridge and
   the hut is only few steps away. Once you get there talk to Astug,
   he knows a lot about fishing.

Q: Why my max hp/sp/ep/whatever has gone down?!
A: Calm down, there are many possible reasons. Your maximum hp/sp/ep depends
   on your stats ('help stats'), which are not static at all. First you should
   check if you have any diseases or nether world effects that affect your
   stats, see 'score'. If you have diseases, get an air priest to cure them.
   If that didn't help, check your magical equipment, the magical powers
   might have gone down since you got them.

   Visit The Channeler in the city and ask him for more help.

Q: What are random typomessages and how can I see them?
A: Instead of getting the same old-boring-as-usual 'What?' message when
   typing something wrong (that happens a lot, doesn't it?), you can
   see a random message instead. To do this, simply type 'set typo'.
   If you don't like them, you can just do 'set typo' again to get
   the old 'What?' message back.

Q: The item glows do not display properly when using the 'eq' command.
   The colour bleeds to the next line, and I'm using ZMUD client.
A: Some items have a 'strong' glow. If ZMud has MXP/HTML parsing turned on,
   it thinks this is a HTML tag.
   To turn the MXP/HTML parsing off, uncheck the box at:
   View -> Preferences -> General -> Emulation -> "MXP/HTML"

Q: When was the last time you updated this file?
A: This FAQ was updated May 23rd, 2003 by Idles.
   ... And minor adjustments were made at Jun 2nd, 2007 by Moraq
   ... Reincarnation and stat point stuff Jul 18th, 2010 by Ginjeet