Fenrash, the mayor of Atherton

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Fenrash is the new the mayor of Atherton. The last mayor fell under a curse and became an undead. After a couple of months Fenrash quickly took his position and has been running Atherton since. He is a huge man who seems to be also as wise as he is strong. Stories tell that he has served in the army of Vaerlon for years. After the former leader of the guards of Atherton, Velarus, died Fenrash quickly took his position and now he is the commander of the guards and the mayor of the town. Although he is strong and well trained he is still quite young and seems like a powerful leader and the best hope for Atherton to get back on its feet and get rid of undeads and thieves.

He seems to have a powerful aura of prestige.

He is a human and somewhat large of size.

Items acquired from this monster