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With this command you can 'fish' for 'fish' in e.g. a lake or river. Your
catch will depend on whether you are fishing from a lake, river or pond.
You need some sort of fishing tool and baits to catch any fish.
To get to top-fishers list you need to get a spring balance and weigh the
fish with it.
To catch a big fish is told to make you more experienced...

Fishing is meant to be fun. Using ANY kind of triggers or robots to fish is
illegal. Don't spoil the fun and cheat. This is the final warning.

You can use 'fish top fishers' to see list of best fishers and 'fish [fish
name]' to see list of biggest fishes of that type ever caught.

This command uses automatically the talent 'fishing'.

Usage: fish [<direction> | here] with <tool> | release <fish>
      fish records | history | remove lure from <tool>