Flight mounts

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Flying mounts are the greatest of all mounts. They allow rider to quickly pass
the land through the sky passing all the obstacles and encounters he might
find when passing through land. Riding a flying mount is of course really hard
and requires lots of skill in riding exotic creatures. Flying mounts are also
really expensive as they are hard to get and train.

Commands usable with flying:
steer <direction>                - Steers the mount to wanted direction.
speed <circle|slow|normal|fast>  - Adjust the speed how fast the mount is flying.
                                   Flying faster tires the mount quicker.
ascend                           - Ascends somewhat higher. Flying higher allows
                                   you to pass mountains and cities.
descend                          - Descends a bit. If mount descends a bit it
                                   will land to the ground. Mount cannot land
                                   on certain terrains.
check information                - Shows you information about your mount.

 'help ride', 'help riding', 'help riding long' and 'help mount feats'.