Ghuatzskh, vile and enormous green dragon

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The scaly beast is enourmous and awesome, yet terrifying sight. It's much larger than any other creature you have ever seen. Even mammoths are a tasty snack for this dragon. Aura of magic surrounds its massive body constantly and its power is almost overwhelming and unbeliavable. It's eyes keenly watch your every move showing that this great being is definitely very intelligent and not just an animal. Its bowl-sized scales glitter like millions of emeralds in the light and it's almost dazzling, not to mention the protection such skin offers. If only you could get few of them for yourself... but unfortunately the dragon doesn't seem to be willing to let go of them and you are getting a feeling that your luck is going to get a lot worse soonish.

He seems to have a familiar aura of prestige.

He is a dragon and GIGANTIC of size.

Items acquired from this monster