Giant guardian demon, summoned by shamans

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The gigantic demon stands before you as a messenger of doom. The demon isn't wearing even a single piece of clothing. It stands before you bare naked, and you can't help but to adore the muscular body of it. The scaly skin of the hideous creature is of greyish and greenish color and covered with dark hairs in the strategic spots. Black fire is burning in the slanty eyes of the demon. The eyes are located deep in the triangular shaped skull of the beast. Both jaws of the demon are filled with sharp and horrifying fangs. Two curved horns are protruding from the skull of the demon, just beside of them you see the pointy ears. The wings of the dark figure are formed from bones and thin grey skin which covers the bones. Below the wings is the long and dexterous tail. On the tip of the tail you detect a spike shaped like a heart. The aura which surrounds the demon is black and green of color, and evilness is dripping from it to the environment. Something glimmers in the light on the neck of the demon.

It seems to have a familiar aura of presti ge.

It is a demon and VERY HUGE of size.

Items acquired from this monster