Glaz'Xhaak Jixzer, the black spider from the ancient times

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The spider is monstrous, gigantic in size and vicious in its manner. It is covered in short, black hair and there is a single, bright red cross-shaped mark on its back. It has very towering presence: you feel dwarfed as you stand next to it. It is reeking with poison: you can see dripping poison covering its mandibles and its whole body, you'd probably be poisoned even if you touch its hair. Its first leg seems to be evolved to gigantic pincers with two clear cutting edges while the second leg is swollen thick and resembles a mighty club. It clearly isn't a natural creature, probably it was mutated by some wild, chaotic magic in ancient history.

It seems to have a powerful aura of prestige. It is a spider (monster) and GIGANTIC of size.

Items acquired from this monster