Glowing equipment

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Glowing Equipment

        Every piece of magical equipment emits an aura which can be detected

        The strength of the glow tells how strong the magical power currently
        is. Note that all magical bonuses consume item's magical power.
        The adjectives describing the current strength are feeble, shadowy,
        faint, dim, subtle, bright, strong, vivid and deep, intense being
        the best.

        The magic power in a piece of magical equipment will slowly wane
        when it is used. The magical properties start to fade out when
        the item goes to subtle glow or below, the stronger the magic
        is, the earlier it starts to fade out.

        The magical energy can be reloaded by a channeler.
        Currently there is one offering her services in the northwestern
        part of Vaerlon. Note that every time a piece of magical
        equipment is reloaded, its maximum potential power will drop.
        To increase the maximum potential, the channeler offers a service
        known as 'increase energy'. 
        The colour of the glow depends on the type of magical bonus(es).

        Red stands for offensive power,
        Blue stands for protective power and
        Green stands for stats and regeneration power.

        For example: Leather black cloak <intense green glow>

        The combinations of these powers produce different colours such as
        magenta, orange and violet.
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