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NOTE: You will not be able to see this sign once you reach level 3.
      Do 'look plaque' for a full list of guild commands.

To see information about the guild you are in, type 'info': this will
give you an explanation of what the guild is about, what bonuses you
will get by advancing a level (or by joining), the requirements for
advancing to the next level (or for joining), and which skills and
spells you can train to what amount at the next level. To join a
guild, simply type 'join'.

Once you have joined, to look at what skills you can train, how high
you can train them, and how much silver and experience points it will
cost to train them, simply type 'train'; to do the same for spells,
type 'study'. NOTE: If you don't have enough money on you for
training, but you do have money in the bank, the guild will
automatically take money from the bank for your training costs.

To train/study a spell a single percentage point, do:

    train <skillname>
    study <spellname>

To train/study up to a certain point, do:

    train <skillname> to: x
    study <spellname> to: x

To gain X percentage points at a skill/spell, do:

    train <skillname> next: X
    study <spellname> next: X

After joining a guild, advancing levels within the guild will take
both experience points and advancements points. You can get
advancement points at the Adventure's Guild, which is marked as a "G"
on the map given by the 'map' command.

Once you join a main guild, you can't change it until you reincarnate,
so choose carefully (read 'help reincarnation'). Once you join, you
will be able to join a channel that is only for members of that guild;
use that channel for asking questions related to the guild, like the
skills and spells it uses. Do 'channel join <guild>' to join.

Although you can only join one main guild, there are several "open
subguilds" that anyone may join.

NOTE: It's a good idea to read 'help newbie'.