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Usage: help <topic | skill <name> | spell <name> | skill list | spell list | -s <topic> | search <topic>>

The help command can give you help on a number of things in Icesus.
Typing "help" will get you a general overview. "help newbie" will show
you some information for new players. "help topics" will give you list
of things you might want to read help on.

To browse the list of spells or skills, use 'help skill list' and
'help spell list'. For more information about the spell or skill,
use 'help skill <skillname>' and 'help spell <spellname>'.

The parameter '-s' or 'search' filters through available help files
and prints a list about the matching topics. Searches shorter than
four characters are not allowed.

NOTE: You can only see help for skills/spells you have learned.

IMPORTANT: When the help for a command uses "<", ">", "[", "]", or "|",
do NOT type those in.  The use of "<...>" can either mean to replace "..."
with whatever is appropriate, or can enclose a list of alternative
separated by "|".  For instance, 'help skill <skillname>' mean you can do:

    help skill swimming
    help skill camping

But in 'list <stats | levels | adv>', it means a series of alternatives:

    list stats
    list levels
    list adv

"[...]" means that the "..." is optional.  For instance,
'cost [# adv points]' means you can simply do


but you can also do

    cost 2
    cost 3
    cost 4
    and so on