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                         Welcome To Icesus

     Commands always begin with a verb unless they are aliases. 
     There is set of standard aliases for common commands, type 
     "alias -global" to see it. 

            Some useful commands to get started are:

say <msg>             your most basic communication command
go <direction>        the most basic movement - moves in a direction
get <object>          attempts to move an object to your inventory
drop <object>         attempts to move an object to your surroundings
look                  used in many ways to examine your environment
alias, unalias        used to set, change, and remove aliases
help <command>        gives additional help on the command, if available
help <topic>          gives help on something other than a command
help topics           gives a list of the help topics available
help commands         list all the available commands
help commands long    list of all commands, with a short description of each
help guild            list of your guild's commands
help help             how to use the help command

NOTE: When the help for a command uses "<", ">", "[", "]", or "|", do NOT
type those in. "<...>" means to replace "..." with whatever is
appropriate (usually), "[...]" means the "..." is options, and "|"
means "or".  See 'help help' for more information.

For more information see
See also: 'help help', 'help topics', 'help newbie', 'help starting'