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This command can be used to access Icesus' system to help those new to Icesus or MUDs in general. We employ a dedicated helping staff for this purpose. Everyone is free to create a ticket or send direct tells to anyone listed by this command.
helper - List active newbie helping staff ranked by their idle time.
helper request [issue] - Request help regarding [issue] (optional). Once someone accepts the request, they will contact you.
helper comment <comments> - Give positive or negative feedback about the help you received. This is visible to wizards only.
Commands reserved for helpers:
helper accept <ticket> - Accept a help request.
helper resolve <ticket>- Set ticket as resolved.
helper tickets         - List tickets you have been assigned to.
helper info <ticket>   - Ticket details.
helper queue           - View ticket queue.
helper dealt           - View amount of tickets accepted.
helper resign          - Resign as a newbie helper. Will require a wizard's attention to get back.
helper look <player>   - Look into the player's environment whose ticket you've accepted.
helper goto <player>   - Goto the player whose ticket you've accepted.
helper hide             - Hide yourself from the newbie helper list *temporarily* (when doing eq or something requiring your full attention)
helper restore          - Remove your hidden status