Herb and mushroom locations

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Herb/mushroom Location
Angel clove e/E
Mantaroot t
belly burn mushroom s
Brown boletus e,f
Blister heart f
Greyroot f
Grey mantaroot t
Blue sage h
Hill mallow h
Troll's favourite fungus s/S
Blackslice s/S
Red boletus f
Red large mushroom d/D
Red and white agarics d/D
Starflower m/M
Dahlia petals p
Oxiom h/H
Sun bloom h/H
Fire flower h/H, p
Drake fennel p
Barktree oil e/E
Chantelier e/E
Iceflower r
Twilight mints m
Water blossom r
Rain savory s, d
Swamp jusk s
Spring rues m
Winter dandelion t
Forest wreath e/E,f
 Location refers to the type of terrain in OW:
 p = Plains
 h = Small hills
 H = Steep hills
 e = Evergreen forest
 E = Deep evergreen forest
 d = Deciduous forest
 D = Deep deciduous forest 
 f = Forest
 r = River
 m = Meadow
 M = Deep meadow
 ~ = Lake
 ^ = Unclimbable mountains
 i = Ice
 s = Swamp
 z = Badlands
 t = Tundra
 g = Glacier