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Syntax: hero
Use this command to operate provinces heroes.
Generic syntax: hero <hero name> do <command> [to <param>]

Available commands:

hero <hero name> do report
  will make the hero report in to you.
hero <hero name> do scan
  make a scan of your hero's surroundings. This will detect only other 
  provinces units and heroes which are active in the outworld, if they 
  are within detection range.
hero <hero name> do allied
  will make the hero report its allied to you.
hero <hero name> do discharge
  when youre in province yard and your hero's ally code matches with province,
  you can use this command to relieve your hero from duty. Use 'heroes' to see
  your heroes in the province.
hero <hero name> do embark to <unit>
  this command makes your hero embark aboard a provinces unit. the provinces 
  unit must have special room for transporting your heroes.
hero <hero name> do setsquad to <squad 1-10>
  you can assign your hero a squad, which is a number ranging from 1 to 10.
  squad has no role right this moment but later you can use it to move more
  than one hero with one command.
hero <hero name> do command to <command>
  use this command to use commands with your hero, such as movement and some 
  others e.g. 'hero he-man do command to east' would make the hero go east.
hero <hero name> do kill to <target>
  command your hero to attack a specific target.
hero <hero name> do setac[1-9] to <0-9|A-F>
  you can change the allied code of the hero. input new allied code using setac
  and when its correctly inputted, do...
  example: hero caravan do setac1 to 7
  see also: Use command 'alliance' to set your personal allied code in order
  to get proper clearance to interact with your heros.
hero <hero name> do changeac
  ...and the inputted new allied code will take over the old one. The old code 
  will no longer be valid so be careful not to lose control of your hero.
hero <hero name> do peace
  set your hero to peaceful mode - which means if the hero encounters 
  another hero with different allied code, there will not be a fight.
hero <hero name> do aggro
  set your hero to aggro mode - which means if the hero encounters 
  another hero with different allied code, the hero will be attacked at sight.
hero <hero name> do controller to <player>
  set your hero's controller to be some specific player. your hero will 
  report to this player if reportingdelay is something else than off.
hero <hero name> do reportdelay to <high|normal|low|off>
  set your hero's reporting delay if controller has been set. set this to 
  off if you want to toggle reporting off.