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The day in Icesus has 24 hours. All of them are named, although the name in most cases is given for 2 consecutive hours, separated by talking about "first" and "second" hour (ex "second hour of Highsun"). (2 real life hours equal one Icesus day)

The names of the hours are:

                 (Night hours)                       (Day hours)
                Dusk       (2 h)                   Morning    (2 h)
Twilight (1 h)  Forenight  (2 h)   Dawn    (1 h)   Forenoon   (2 h)   Sunset   (1 h)
                Midnight   (2 h)   Sunrise (1 h)   Highsun    (2 h)
                Deepnight  (2 h)                   Afternoon  (2 h)
                Murk       (2 h)                   Evening    (2 h)